Faux-files help

How much does Faux-files cost?

Faux-files is a free service. It is supported by the ads shown on each page.

How do I like someone else's profile?

When you find a profile you like click on the heart icon in the upper right hand corner. Then it will appear on your dashboard.

How do I add friends, likes or posts?

All profiles need to be in editing mode to make changes. If the large button at the top of the page says 'Save', you are in edit mode. If it says 'Edit', click on it to enter editing mode.

Then you will see small '+' plus sign buttons for each group of items, Clicking on each of these will allow you to add new items.

How can I share my profiles?

Turn on the sharing checkbox while editing, this allows your portal to be seen by anyone; however you will still be the only person who can edit it.

Are graphics included?

Profiles does not provide any historical graphics, but it will support almost all graphics formats found on the web.

Is there a limit to the number of profiles I can create?

You can create as many profiles as you like as well as add as many posts, friends or likes as you desire. There are no limits.

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